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    Portable Stage Rentals On A Budget (Updated for 2017!)

    [fa icon="clock-o"] Aug 4, 2015 2:14:53 PM [fa icon="user"] Performance Staging [fa icon="folder-open'] Stage Rental

    As one of our most read blog posts of 2016, we've updated this blog 2/2017 with new info!

    Performance Staging is one of the top event services companies in the nation, with 30 years of exceptional stage rental business and a wide range of products sure to meet your event needs. We're dedicated to offering you the best equipment and service in the industry at a price you can actually afford.

    We provide stage rentals for any type of event. We work with event producers, technical directors, corporate event planners, wedding planners, venue employees and festival staff to provide easy access to our 30 years of experience, proven products, and great service. When it comes to watching your bottom line, we're right there with you. 

    Here are our top #PROTips to keep your event on a budget:

    • Keep installation and removal times during normal business hours. While we're a 24/7 business, that doesn't mean labor rates don't go up for a 3AM installation and a 11PM removal.
    • Book your own labor! Performance Staging has a wide array of options for event rentals from customer pickups at our docks to equipment-only drop-offs to installer-led local labor crews to providing a complete, turkey package. If you're already booking event labor for setup and teardown, consider getting your quote extended to include the stage build. You'll save money, and you'll only pay for the labor that YOU use.
    • Consider the stage size. If there's one thing we'll never understand it's people booking the wrong size stage for your event. Usually because someone else told them that's what they needed. Unless you're doing a main stage at a festival, your DJ platform doesn't need to fill the room. Likewise if you're having 26 seeated speakers sitting on the stage at once, let us know and we'll suggest the correct size with a drawing showing what it will look like. Easier to do ahead of time rather than once we're onsite and you're thinking you may be tight on space.
    • Book early. Some locations require 30-day notice to local building departments and fire departments. Avoid rush expexiting charges by booking your event at least 30 days out. 
    • Don't underestimate the savings involved in booking directly with us. Many event producers and venues add incredible value to events by handling the details and logistics of stages and event structures. Others just want the bill so they can add a 10%-50% markup and still make you handle all the details. If you receive a quote as an end-user for a Performance Staging stage from a venue or producer, know that it's someone we've worked with before and trust.

    Our StageRight stage decks are versatile and we stock a large variety of options and accessories. Stage platform surfaces come in grey carpet, black textured fiberglass, or a multi-purpose plywood. Leg support systems come in a range of heights from 8″ to 18′. And a wide range of accessories are available to enhance any stage including:

    • Steps/stairs
    • Hand rails/guard rails
    • Pleated skirting
    • Access ramps
    • ADA ramps/lifts


    Looking for Mobile Stages? We've got those too. 

    On a tight budget? We totally understand. Let us know up front what price range you're looking to stay in and we'll give you options. Performance offers many affordable event packages and rental solutions.

    Need more information? Check out our blog "3 Tips To Keep Your Next Event Under Budget By Performance Staging," or you can view our product page here. You can also leave a comment, give us a call or shoot us an email today. No pressure, just questions answered!


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