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after 30 years we've learned a few things
about the event industry


We treat every event as a special event. From parades to birthday parties, inaugurations to graduations, they're all special to us. 


You're only as good as the people you work with. Performance employs dedicated event professionals who made a choice long ago to make every event a success.


We promise to be nice. We don't push you for a hard close. We won't step on your existing supplier relationships if you choose only to get a stage from us, and not the seating. We'd rather hook you up with a friend in California who rents gear than see you get hosed on trucking costs.

If you're looking for a true Event Partner, you've found that here at Performance.  Need someone to attend a meeting with you? Bring one of our industry veterans to ask the questions that need answered before we build the event.


We're insured. A few years back we wouldn't even brag about that, but recently it seems many ankle-biter staging companies have developed that sling a few decks from the back of a U-Haul truck, employ illegal labor, and call it a day.

Our liability insurance covers us the moment we step on your property for any and all damages that may be incurred.  We're not perfect, and have paid for every ding we ever put in a door, every piece of carpet that was sacrificed to the event deities, and not once tried to pass off our responsibility.


We're in it for the long run. The people here want to be here and wish you could come work with us. As we grow we'd like you to be a part of that too. Our clients are our number one marketers, carrying the Performance Staging name across North America from Detroit to Miami. Thank you for making us who we are today.

Performance Staging CAPABILITIES

Stage Rental Background
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We couldn't call ourselves Performance Staging if this weren't our number one reason for existing.  We carry a full line of StageRight brand Aluminum-Frame "AF" indoor/outdoor fiberglass decks, carpeted indoor decks, wedge decks, plexiglass decks, steel screen decks for pyro, and quite a few custom pieces we've made over the years. Our mobile stages and stage technicians are certified by StageLine, the leading manufacturer of Mobile Stages.

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Event safety is a primary concern at every event. Don't let your crowd control fail, and rely on plastic fencing for patron safety. Performance Staging holds the largest inventory of Blow-Thru Concert Barricade available for rent in North America. It's enough to cover three main stages at a festival, with runs to front of house. We have inside and outside corners, 45-degree angles, and gates. Our bike rack barricade has flat feet, allowing it to slip under carpet, rubber mats, and not trip your staff and patrons.

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Ten years ago, we had a client ask us if we could put a stage over his pool. He was a famous Detroit Rock Star, so we did it. Since then we've honed and perfected this type of installation down to the point that we recently launched a new brand and complete web site, Waltz on Water, to cater to that market.

Our Event Pool Covers have since become the go-to solution for end users, high-end hotels and event planners looking to maximize beautiful outdoor space. We offer a full range of underwater lighting and complete transformation services to further differentiate us from tent companies that throw plexiglass over a truss and call it a day. Waltz on Water pool covers are based on industry-standard StageRight decks and are designed to handle audience, seating, and staging loads.

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With our entertainment scaffold understructures we can build big, and we can build tall. For years Performance Staging has provided elevated VIP & ADA Platforms for festivals and special events. Fully code-compliant with StageRight stage decks, guardrail, steps, and ADA Ramps these structures can be configured AS your Front-of-House with viewing platforms above, or integrate the finest rental furniture for bars, food service, and elevated views.

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We're like a bleacher company only human. I don't know how many times you've called a bleacher company for a quote, only to find out that on the other end of the phone you're talking to a nonhuman. From gruff responses to shady labor practices to equipment that's not up to standards, we've heard it all from the customers who've come to Performance for over 30 years. We're happy to quote your project from 50 seats to 11,000 seats out of inventory own and care for.

We have stock designs for everything from State Football Championships to Rodeos; Thanksgiving Day Parade Routes to marathons. If you're getting bleachers from someone else, give us a chance to beat their best deal.

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The idea that your audience should have an elevated view of the event is nothing new. The greeks figured it out thousands of years ago with their natural stone amphitheter. As events moved out of the mountains and into convention centers, this presented a huge problem for audiences larger than about 2-3,000 attendees. They couldn't see the stage. Using our inventory of StageRight stage decks, we create temporary, elevated audience riser systems. Our curved audience risers create a sense of intimacy and improve sightlines to the stage dramatically. Available in various rates of rise, carpeted or fiberglass, for indoor or outdoor use.

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StageRight stage decks make one heck of an amazing floor system to create event space on uneven terrain. We'll integrate them into hills, parking lots, sand dunes, and anywhere else you'd like to put the 100m clearspan you're renting for huge events. We also stock an inventory of small tents from professional-grade easy-ups (not like the ones your little league got for $30) up to about 30' x 60'. We use them for Front-of-House mix positions, Guitar and Monitor World side stage mix positions, small events, weddings, parties, and backstage VIP/Dressing rooms. All tent floors can include dance floor options, integrated stages, elevated seating for bridal parties, and full code-compliance and ADA Accessability.


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After 30 years there are some things we got tired of dealing with the mom & pop shops, so we just bought them. Chances are if you've seen it at an event, we have it. From Dunk tanks to Bounce Houses, Photo Booths to Popcorn Machines, our party rental brand PartyMax probably carries it or can get it for you.