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    Fantasy Clear Dance Floor Pool Cover at JW Marriott Miami

    CAD Rendering Copyright 2016 Performance Staging - All Rights Reserved

    Swimming Pool Stage 101

    As we watch other companies twitter streams, we wonder quite often if they're even paying attention. Doing one "swimming pool stage" a year doesn't make you the expert, it makes you a copycat. Plus, we're not really sure who would google "swimming pool stage" to begin with. Most American's don't say "swimming pool", they just say "pool". 

    Waltz on Water Wedding Pool Cover at Former Versace Mansion Villa Casa de Casuarina

    How to cover a classic example of South Beach Architecture:

    Performance Staging's Waltz on Water Brand was recently asked to cover the iconic pool at the former Versace Mansion on Miami's South Beach, twice. We used almost the same design for our wedding pool cover two weeks in a row.

    Dive Into Summer With A Pool Cover Rental From Waltz On Water

    The weather's finally starting to warm up and nothing says summer quite like a pool party! Why not make a splash at your next summer celebration and really WOW your guests with a Pool Cover Rental from Waltz on Water

    Start A New Tradition With A Pool Cover Rental From Performance

    We've all been to or even hosted a "Special Occasion" or party that wasn't really all that, well, special. When you think celebration what comes to mind? Cake, balloons, maybe a few decorations? Been there, done that. Why not have your next event over the pool? Whether you're getting married, having a baby, celebrating a birthday or graduation or simply having a get together, our Pool Cover Rentals can give your next event that WOW factor that your guests will talk about for years to come. Performance Staging wants to help you think outside of the box and start a new tradition!

    5 Unexpected Uses For Pool Cover Rentals from Performance Staging

    So you've heard all the buzz about Pool Cover Rentals from Performance Staging and it got you thinking, "What could I use this for?" Well, to be quite honest, just about anything! 

    Transform Your Backyard Or Venue With A Custom Pool Cover Dance Floor

    Performance has the ability to cover your pool area so you gain the square footage you need to not only enhance but completely transform your event space. 

    Why We Love Pool Cover Dance Floors (And You Should Too!)

    A pool cover dance floor rental from Performance Staging transforms your backyard or venue into the perfect event space. 

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