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    Video: Performance Staging Non-Traditional Stage Rental Shapes

    As a follow-up to our previous post about non-traditional stage rental shapes here's a quick video of the concept below. We'd love your feedback via Twitter (we are @We_Build_Events) or on our Facebook Page.

    2017 Event Trend: Non-Traditional Stage Rental Shapes

    Updated for 2018! As a leading stage rental provider in the midwest and southeastern United States, we bring you content that's current, relevant, and timely.

    What event trends can we expect in 2017? Genioso Event Magazine listed one we've been seeing a lot of lately in their article entitled, "Latest Trends in Conference Stage Design": non-traditional stage shapes. Here's a clip:

    Fantasy Stage Design: EDM Stage Rental With Integrated VIP Riser and Elevated Dance Floor

    Next up in our series of fantasy stage rental builds is an EDM stage with integrated VIP decks. Who regularly breaks the fourth wall and not only allows, but invites fans up on stage? EDM, that's who. From go-go dancers and fire dancers to stilt walkers and people just feeling the vibe, nothing says "I'm enjoying myself" more than fans on, or above the stage.

    Concert Stage Rental 101

    (Updated for 2017!)

    Concert stage rental has come a long way since someone decided to pull the hay wagon behind the old barn for a hootenanny. Over the past few years we've seen larger and larger setups on beaches, in parks, and especially in the festival world. 

    Stage Rental On A Budget (Updated for 2018!)

    As one of our most read blog posts of 2018, we've updated it for 2018 with new info!

    Performance Staging is one of the top event services companies in the nation, with 30 years of exceptional stage rental business and a wide range of products sure to meet your event needs. We're dedicated to offering you the best equipment and service in the industry at a price you can actually afford.

    Stage Rental #Protips

    Involved in the Entertainment Industry?
    Did you ever rent a stage?

    Why Our World Would End Without Stage Rentals

    “Totus mundus agit histrionem. (All the World's a Stage.)"

    -William Shakesphere, As you like it.

    All the worlds a stage and our world would end without them, we're not just being dramatic either. We really love this stuff. Performance Staging has 30 years of experience in the event services industry and provides its clients with over 32,000 sq ft of StageRight staging products to create and customize dynamic and unique corporate event stage rentals. Corporate America calls Performance because we are passionate about what we do and are one of the largest event services and staging companies in the US.

    A Stage Rental on the Water for Aquapalooza

    Updated for 2018! As a leading provider of midwest and southeastern stage rental, we hope you enjoy content like this.

    (Lake St. Clair, Michigan) One of the events we look forward to each year is the annual Aquapalooza event held at Lake St. Clair. The professional stage and concert set up brought crystal clear sound several hundred yards out to all boaters on the waterfront. A roped off area kept powerboats away from the stage by 100 feet to create a safe zone for paddle boats, swimmers, standing-room fans and beach chairs in the shallow water in front of the floating barge stage.

    Where can I rent a stage in Orlando? (Orlando Stage Rental Go-to Page)

    Easy Orlando Stage Rental

    (Updated for 2018!)

    Increased business in the Orlando area is what brought us to Central Florida, and in Fall 2017 Performance Staging moved to Orlando! We're at 9025 Boggy Creek #2 if you need Orlando Stage Rental. Check out our "Orlando Stage Rental" landing page for all the details.

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