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    And When the Customer Said, "Guests Could Literally Waltz On Water..." We Literally Melted. Event Pool Covers Done Right by Performance Staging

    (Naples, Florida) When you get the client feedback on your event pool covers and it starts with, "Performance Staging did a phenomenal job by covering the pool so that my 200+ guests could literally waltz on water for my wife’s 40thbirthday." you know it might be a good day.

    Swimming Pool Stages: A Resource Guide

    We've published quite a bit of information about swimming pool stages in the past two years. If you find no other resource online, here's one that is sure to help you with your next outdoor, pool-related event!

    Fantasy Clear Dance Floor Pool Cover at JW Marriott Miami

    CAD Rendering Copyright 2016 Performance Staging - All Rights Reserved

    Swimming Pool Stage 101

    As we watch other companies twitter streams, we wonder quite often if they're even paying attention. Doing one "swimming pool stage" a year doesn't make you the expert, it makes you a copycat. Plus, we're not really sure who would google "swimming pool stage" to begin with. Most American's don't say "swimming pool", they just say "pool". 

    Best Practices for Event Pool Covers


    When a prestigious boutique hotel re-opened in South Beach, Miami during the world-famous Art Basel festival, they came to Performance Staging's Waltz on Water brand to create a true multi-use Event Pool Cover.  The product we installed met and exceeded all of South Beach's stringent event and building codes.

    The Idea? One Cover, Multiple Uses during morning, evening and night.

    • An event pool cover for yoga classes during the day
    • An event pool cover for dinner during the evening
    • An event pool cover for dance parties and DJ's into the wee hours of the night
    • An event pool cover with a tent for the last three days of Art Basel where it poured rain!

    Waltz on Water Wedding Pool Cover at Former Versace Mansion Villa Casa de Casuarina

    How to cover a classic example of South Beach Architecture:

    Performance Staging's Waltz on Water Brand was recently asked to cover the iconic pool at the former Versace Mansion on Miami's South Beach, twice. We used almost the same design for our wedding pool cover two weeks in a row.

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