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    Stadium Infill Seating Risers

    Stadiums and Arenas are designed for multiple applications, and when not being used for their primary sport can be configured in a variety of ways.  Stadium Infill Seating Risers are created from the ground-up with industry-leading products manufactured and engineered by StageRight Corporation, BilJax Corporation and are customized to the exact requirements of your venue. 

    Large Scale Audience Riser Seating at McCormick Place

    When you spot one of your Curved Audience Risers in the wild...

    Classroom Style Audience Riser Rental 101

    (Updated for 2017!)

    Tiered seating for corporate theater is as easy for us as flat-floor seating. Add padded banquet chairs, linens and classroom tables and you've got an audience riser rental solution that ensures your messaging gets across to your attendees.

    Dinner Riser Rental 101

    Anyone who has ever been at the back of a large convention center knows that in most cases, you can't see anything. Even with HUGE projection screens the views from flat-floor seating leave much to be desired.

    Curved Audience Riser for Starlight Theatre: Performance Staging Flips the House

    Updated for 2017!

    For the third year in a row Performance Staging "flipped the house" at the Starlight Theatre in Kansas City, turning their 12,000 ft2 stage into an intimate theatre for hundreds of guests.

    Audience Riser Rental Transforms Theatre Space

    We work with a client in the Midwest who operates a HUGE outdoor amphitheater. When we say huge, we're talking in the neighborhood of a 171' x 70' main stage, raked audience seating for nearly 8,000, and a 75' x 22' orchestra pit.

    The Best Ways To Utilize Curved Audience Risers By Performance Staging

     Curved Audience Risers have been around a long time. In fact, the origin of the audience riser can be dated back all the way to the original amphitheatres. They can acommodate a large audience, much like bleachers. But they differ from bleachers in may ways and offer many additional benefits.

    The seats for bleachers are integrated into the structure itself; audience risers are primarily platforms first, to which a variety of chairs, tables, cameras, spot lights, etc. may be used on. While bleachers provide fixed aisle ways and may not provide a solid floor, audience risers are designed so that each level presents a flat, unbroken surface. 

    Curved Audience Risers are perfect for:

    • convention seating
    • theater seating
    • classroom table seating
    • dinner table seating

    Theater seating risers are arranged for maximum capacity and sight lines and can hold 1-2 rows of chairs. Dinner risers are designed for seating table rounds, elevating entire rows of attendees for meals with great sight lines to the stage. Classroom risers are designed for seating straight tables or desks, facing forward.

    Audience risers are widely used in the Corporate Events industry to provide elevated seating for attendees and provide excellent sight lines to the stage. The most common venues for risers are convention centers, resorts, and other business travel destinations.

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    Performance Staging Audience Risers Take "Best In Show"

    The National Dog Show Presented by Purina was broadcasted nationwide in high definition on NBC on Thanksgiving Day immediately following the Macy's Parade, reaching an audience of nearly 20 million viewers.

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